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Last call for Europe

Forbidden Words on Immigration, Religion, Fertility and IQ.

Helmuth Nyborg

About the content

  • Islam is waging a biological war that Europe will lose.
  • The UN and EU are failing the world’s white minority.
  • Individuals, genders, and races (ecotypes) are genetically different.
  • White women, socialists, bishops, and politicians betray their own.
  • Education and assimilation of southern emigrants doesn’t work.
  • Europe’s IQ drops dramatically.
  • Universities are failing free research.
  • Professional organizations are woke.
  • Intelligence researchers are hated.
  • Media massively misinform.
  • White governments are failing the social contract with their populations.
  • Martial law and remigration seem the only options for preserving Western democracy and civilization.


White European men have developed art, science, humanism, democracy, and high civilization to a level unparalleled in world history. Today, their successors are committing polygenetic suicide, aided by external and internal enemies.

The enemies occupy their schools, universities, and media, taking over the right to define what is morally right and wrong. They misinform voters and policymakers under positive slogans of progressiveness, freedom, and equality in their fight against white nationalism and “racial superiority”. They allow supranational and national organizations, and especially Muslim countries, to wage a clearly articulated biological war by genetic means against white polygenic populations. Conversely, Europeans allow themselves to be purged in the names of globalization, Allah, Marxism, multiculturalism, anti-racism, and capitalism.

The book names the enemies, describes their brilliant takeover strategy, and
calculates the serious damage they have already inflicted on European societies.

The developments raise existential questions: Are European politicians failing the social contract? Have they already allowed the development to pass the point-of-no-return in an irreversible polygenetic suicide that is plunging white European children and grandchildren into a black Islamic Middle Age? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

Helmuth Nyborg

Title: Professor, Dr Phil, Emeritus

Research areas: Intelligence, Personality, Evolution, Demography, Differential Psychology, Hormones, Energy model of evolution.

Helmuth Nyborg was born in 1937, studied mag. art. in Psychology at the University of Copenhagen (1966-1968) and Aarhus University (1968-1971). Professor of Child and Developmental Psychology at Aarhus University 1994-2007.

Author of many books, research articles, feature articles and columns.

Helmuth Nyborg’s research is primarily focused on individual differences in perception, intelligence, personality, education, and occupation. He studies the evolutionary background of how genetic and environmental factors influence cognitive abilities and how these differences manifest themselves in different demographic groups. Nyborg actively participates in the public debate about the ability of white people to survive in a world that threatens Western civilization.